200 cannabis plants found in raid on Ilkeston home

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Two people were arrested after police found nearly two hundred cannabis plants growing in the loft of an Ilkeston home.

The plants were found after the officers, acting on information from the community, searched a house in Springfield Gardens.

A 21-year-old man, Thai Duy Nguyen, and a 17-year-old young man were arrested at the address.

Sergeant Damien Shannon, who is in charge of Safer Neighbourhood policing for the area, said: “The actions taken by the officers show that we will always take action on such information and concerns from the community.

“This type of activity is often linked with other criminality and what was of particular concern in this case was that the mains electricity had been diverted in order to provide power for the grow.

“This was described as ‘very dangerous’ by the expert we called in to disconnect the power supply. This property was a terraced house and so the actions of those involved was also causing a danger to the other people living in the row of properties.”

The two arrested young men were charged with the production of a controlled drug of Class B namely Cannabis.

They appeared at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court on Monday, March 12 where they were remanded in to secure custody and accommodation. They are now due to appear at Derby Crown Court on Monday, April 9.

If you have any concerns about similar incidents please contact Derbyshire Constabulary on 101.