£25,000 to clear up Erewash dog mess

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A sum of £25,000 is to be spent clearing dog mess from the streets of Erewash.

Dog fouling has become a “high priority” for the borough council, with more than 500 incidents reported annually.

Now it is to spend thousands to ensure the mess gets cleaned up as soon as possible.

The money will be used to provide for staff who will be informed of any reports in the nearby area via mobile phone. They will then arrange a clean-up.

The council says any mess reported before 2pm on Monday to Friday will be cleaned up by 4pm the same day. Mess reported after 2pm on a weekday and on weekends and bank holidays will be dealt with before 4pm the following day.

This is one of a number of schemes by Erewash Borough Council over the past few years.

A “text-in” service was launched in 2012 allowing residents to report mess via their mobiles. And, this year, the council ran a campaign issuing on-the-spot fines to offenders.