£348,000 project for carers

A new project has been launched in Derbyshire to improve carers’ health.

The Teaming up for Transition Project is a Department of Health funded initiative to reach out to community hospitals and GP’s surgeries, in order to liaise with health professionals, increase referrals and identify and support carers.

The £348,000 initiative is being run by the Derbyshire Carer’s Association and will start work in Erewash at the start of October.

A DCA spokesman said: “The focus of this initiative is intervention.

“The team will work to ensure carers are supported earlier, at the point of hospital discharge.

“This means that many carers will get advice, support and choice, which otherwise would only be accessed later, at a crisis point in the carer’s health.

“The project is a massive coup for the area.

“There is a renewed focus on the carer and reducing the impact on the health service and of doctor’s time.

“In time, patient care will improve as carers health and well being is sustained.”

From September, the team will be on hand at flu clinics to offer advice, information and support. Call the team on 01246 222373 ext 3.