3D scan of stone to find out its secrets

The Hemlock Stone, Stapleford.
The Hemlock Stone, Stapleford.

An ancient and mysterious stone, which has long puzzled historians, has been by scanned experts to find out more about its origins.

The big question about the Hemlock Stone in Stapleford has always been whether it is a man-made structure or a natural feature of the landscape.

Earlier this month experts from the University of Nottingham erected scaffolding at the stone in Bramcote Hills Park and used a laser to create a 3D scan of the inside of the sandstone structure.

Stapleford historian Frank Earp has masterminded the project.

“This will create a 3D image of the stone and allow us to analyse it in greater detail,” he said.

“There are two theories on how the Hemlock Stone got here.

“This will answer the question as to whether the Hemlock Stone is a natural feature or whether it’s man-made.”

Legend has it that the 200m-year-old stone was hurled by the devil from Lenton Priory in disgust at a particularly pious priest.