450 houses on greenbelt plan

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A VILLAGE councillor has vowed to fight plans to increase the size of Trowell by 10 per cent by building homes on greenbelt.

Residents have this week been given the chance to have their say on the proposal by Broxtowe Borough Council to build 450 homes on the Field Farm estate between the village and Stapleford.

Under the plans, more than 100 homes would be built in Trowell itself, increasing its size by 10 per cent.

County, borough and parish councillor for the village, Ken Rigby, has said that the plan would ‘blur the line’ between the two settlements causing Trowell to ‘lose its identity’.

“It is absolutely paramount that we keep our village identity,” he said.

“To do that I think it’s not unreasonable to demand a green barrier.”

The Localism Bill, set to come in later this year will scrap targets set by the previous Labour Government to build tens of thousands of homes in the ‘Greater Nottingham Area’.

After the bill is made law, it will be up to individual borough councils, including Broxtowe, Erewash and Ashfield, to decide on their own housing needs.

Broxtowe has decided it needs about 5,600 new houses in the next five years – 450 of which could be built on the Field Farm estate.

Cllr Rigby explained that an enquiry in 2001 identified the area as a potential site for homes, which the parish council objected to.

In the 1980s, 340 homes were built at Trowell Park, as part of a similar housing needs-based plan.

“We have done our bit,” said Cllr Rigby.

“My appeal to people in Trowell would be to defend our green barrier so we can keep our village identity and prevent the line being blurred between us and Stapleford.”

The public consultation started on Monday and runs until October 3.

At Trowell’s Community Action Team meeting on Wednesday September 14, Cllr Rigby will meet villagers to discuss the plan. All are welcome to attend.

The meeting is at 7.45pm at Trowell Parish Hall.