700 homes threat to the countryside

NILALM111011C1 - Residents of Hedington Close Ilkeston are opposed to houseing plans on land next to their houses
NILALM111011C1 - Residents of Hedington Close Ilkeston are opposed to houseing plans on land next to their houses

AN ONLINE campaign has begun against the proposals to build 700 homes on land west of Manners Industrial Estate.

Residents neighbouring the proposed site fear major traffic problems, the loss of the Manners lake, and the loss of an area treasured for its wildlife and cycle trails if the proposals are given the go-ahead.

According to Erewash Borough Council’s consultation document, work could begin as early as 2014 if the authority is not given reason enough to scrap the plan.

Kate Smart, of Hedingham Close, said that the map appears to show her street as an access point to the proposed area.

“The roads just won’t be able to cope with the level of traffic,” she said.

“The last couple of winters you haven’t even been able to get off the street – what’s going to happen when there are hundreds more cars using it?”

She has set up a Facebook group for residents to discuss the proposals and formulate an action plan.

She added: “It’s a beautiful piece of land that we stand to lose but I don’t think people have been properly informed or given enough time to respond to this consultation.

“I want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.”

The mum-of-two also said there were similar concerns among neighbours about school provision, as with those near the Quarry Hill Road site.

As part of the plans, 15 acres will be set aside for ‘employment use’, but it has not known what sort of jobs will be provided there.

Leader of Erewash Borough Council Cllr Chris Corbett said: “We want employment but we have got to build houses. If we can get jobs with the housing, I don’t mind that.”

But Ms Smart said it was a ‘double-edged sword’: “If it’s a nice clean factory, that’s fine, but what if it’s a metal recycling centre? I wouldn’t want to live next to that.”

The site is mostly greenfield land stretching from Pewit Golf Course to Shipley View. One Manners Road resident said it would mean the loss of Manners Lake for fishing as well as cycle paths along the Nutbrook Trail.

Both the Quarry Hill Road and the Manners proposals form part of the same consultation, which can be viewed in full at www.erewash.gov.uk.

To join Ms Smart’s group search for Manners housing development on Facebook.