‘999 crews failed my son’

Hayden Middleton
Hayden Middleton

A FURIOUS mother believes her dying teenage son was ‘failed’ by emergency services after he had to wait nearly half an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

Hayden Middleton, 19, of Stanley, died after a collision between his motorbike and a car in Longfield Lane on December 5.

Hayden Middleton

Hayden Middleton

But Mandy Middleton this week blasted emergency services for their handling of the whole incident.

She said that witnesses had described chaotic scenes after Hayden’s collision with the Citroen C1 car, while parents were taking children to nearby Hallam Fields Junior School.

Passers-by were asked to remove Hayden’s bike helmet and perform CPR by 999 staff.

Others tried to direct traffic while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Hayden Middleton

Hayden Middleton

“There were members of the public trying their hardest to help a young man who had been failed by the emergency services, absolutely failed,” explained 46-year-old Mandy.

“It was 25 minutes before the ambulance got there – how ridiculous is that?”

Mandy also described it as ‘disturbing’ that it took 40 minutes for police to arrive and she had to find out about the accident from a friend at the scene 90 minutes later, having heard nothing from the emergency services.

“It’s absolutely disgusting – how long would it have been before they let me know?” she asked.

NILABE111206b2, Scene of accident, Longfield Lane, Ilkeston.

NILABE111206b2, Scene of accident, Longfield Lane, Ilkeston.

When the accident happened at about 8am, Hayden had his driving licence, bank cards and National Insurance number on him. He also had a piece of paper with his parents’ phone numbers written down and his mobile phone containing their numbers.

“There was more than enough there for them to get in touch but they never informed us,” said horse riding teacher Mandy.

“It was left to a friend from the livery yard, who saw what was happening, to give me a call at 9.30am.”

By the time Mandy found out, Hayden was already at the Queen’s Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead.

NILABE111206b3, Scene of accident, Longfield Lane, Ilkeston.

NILABE111206b3, Scene of accident, Longfield Lane, Ilkeston.

Mandy and Hayden’s dad Roger have questioned what might have happened had the emergency services got there sooner.

“That’s the million dollar question,” said Roger, who works at Stratsone Land Rover dealers in Nottingham.

“We weren’t there – we can’t judge on what we didn’t witness.

“Those people that were there tried their best to help Hayden and we can’t thank them enough.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said officers were contacted by the ambulance service at 8.38am asking for assistance as the Hayden’s condition had deteriorated.

“The officer made initial inquiries and then travelled in the ambulance with the injured man to hospital,” he said.

“In those early stages of the incident we had not yet verified the identity of the man involved in the collision and as such an officer had not been dispatched to the next of kin’s address.

“A specially trained family liaison has been working with Mrs Middleton as part of the investigation and has fully explained the timeline of events involved.

“Dealing with sudden deaths like this one is always traumatic and we fully understand that the family will have questions and want as much information as possible about the incident.”

But Mandy said: “Police officers have told me 40 minutes is actually a good response time. I find that hard to believe.

“I don’t want this to happen to another young adult. Parents should know straight away.

“I think that, to the police, it’s just another kid on a bike, probably acting the pillock. That isn’t the case with Hayden.”