A look back at 2014

Staff at Erewash Museum celebrate after winning �1.2m from the heritage fund. L-r is Samantha Walters-Mabbott, Michael Crane, Jackie Smith and Cllr Mike Wallis
Staff at Erewash Museum celebrate after winning �1.2m from the heritage fund. L-r is Samantha Walters-Mabbott, Michael Crane, Jackie Smith and Cllr Mike Wallis

A lot has happened in Ilkeston this year and not all of it has been good.

Most notably has been on-going delays to work starting on Ilkeston Railway Station, which should have opened in December, and the tragic deaths of Angela Ward and Paul Averill.

Flooding on Chalons Way after very heavy rainfall today.

Flooding on Chalons Way after very heavy rainfall today.

The future of Bath Street has also made headlines a few times, with ideas to open it up to traffic again being met with a barrage of opinion.

We take a look back at the biggest news stories in Ilkeston over the past year.


Facelift for war memorial: The year began with the news that Ilkeston’s war memorial was to undergo a makeover for the year’s World War One centenary celebrations.

Ilkeston Santa bus.'Santa is joined by fundraisers and organisers, from left, Holly Shelton, Clive Smedley, Dave Hoyles,  Maisy Clarke, Alan King, and Eve Thornton.

Ilkeston Santa bus.'Santa is joined by fundraisers and organisers, from left, Holly Shelton, Clive Smedley, Dave Hoyles, Maisy Clarke, Alan King, and Eve Thornton.

All of the memorials and their plaques were cleaned, much to the delight of Ilkeston folk, who welcomed the work.

New college opened: Derby College’s new £10 million Ilkeston campus opened on the site of the former magistrates’ court on Field Road.

Masked raid: Shopkeeper Manohan Heer used a hockey stick to fight off a man with a seven-inch knife at Lifestyle Express on Nottingham Road.

End of The Peacock: The Peacock pub on Church Street in Cotmanhay was bulldozed to make way for housing.

Turbine Turbulence: Winston the wind turbine was built close to the Bennerley Viaduct. The structure stands at 430 feet and can be seen for miles.


Teachers suspended: Teachers were suspended from Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy following an investigation.

Specific details were not released but it was suggested in forums it was related to an image posted on a social networking site.

Roache cleared: Ilkeston-born Coronation Street actor William Roache was cleared of six historic sex charges. He made a return to the soap later in the year.

Cafe owner fights armed raider: Angie Masters, the owner of Tasty Snacks on Hallam Fields Road, fought off an armed raider with a meat cleaver. She also bit his finger and managed to remove his balaclava.

Jail for raider: Jonathan Clamp, from Stanley Street, was jailed for three years for trying to rob the Lifestyle Express shop.


Marine rewarded: Ilkeston marine Henry Mitchell was honoured by the RSPCA for his part in a clifftop rescue of a pony in Cornwall.

New care home: The Canal Vue care home opened on Awsworth Road in Ilkeston, with 70 bedrooms.

An apology: Smalley Hall Care Home apologised to the family of Winfred Ryder, who suffered a fractured femur and head injury following a fall there. An investigation was carried out following her death in October 2013.

Red card for urinating footballer: Residents complained after a footballer in Kirk Hallam allegedly urinated near homes. Clubs were warned about anti-social behaviour at the site, off Windsor Crescent.


JobCentre protest: Jonathan Collinge, a one-armed dad from Ilkeston, chained himself to the town’s JobCentre after his benefits were slashed.

He eventually unchained himself after the manager agreed to help him fill out an emergency claim form.

McDonalds moves: McDonalds moved from the Albion Centre in Bath Street to Rutland Street. The move was seen as another blow to the town centre.

Shop robbery: Thieves stole £10,000 worth of cigarettes from the post office on Queen Elizabeth Way in Kirk Hallam.

Child sex arrests: The ‘Tiser revealed that 130 arrests had been made in Erewash in recent years in connection with child sex offences. The Freedom of Information request showed that since 2007, 1,337 people had been arrested in relation to child sex offences across the county.


First gay wedding: One of Derbyshire’s first gay weddings was held at Ilkeston Register Office. Debbie Hallam and Sarah Sibley married after a change in the law meant gay couples could be legally wed.

Ilkeston death shock: People in the town were left shocked when 27-year-old Angela Ward was killed at her flat in Critchley Street. Her boyfriend Ian Meakin was arrested and is now serving a jail term for her manslaughter.

Phone mast fury: Residents of Field Road became increasingly annoyed when a huge phone mast put up close to their homes remained at the site despite it only having temporary planning permission. EE submitted two planning applications to Erewash Borough Council when the mast had already been there for six months.

Unemployment hot spot: Five of 15 areas with the highest unemployment rates in Derbyshire were revealed to be in Ilkeston.


Station work due to begin: Work on the train station for Ilkeston was set to start. Unfortunately it was delayed due to the discovery of Great Crested Newts at the site. Work is yet to begin.

Boy impaled on railings: A 13-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital after becoming impaled on a garden fork in Kirk Hallam.

PM in town: David Cameron visited Ilkeston and chatted to reporter Amy Hirst about local issues. He toured the Briars Chase development, just off Heanor Road.

Floods: The town experienced flooding following a freak storm, leaving one woman with raw sewage all over her drive.


Councillors bust up: Two councillors had to be pulled apart after a bust-up following a meeting of Erewash Borough Council.

John Booth and Steve Bilbie had to be separated after an argument spilled out into the car park of Ilkeston Town Hall.

Lottery bonanza: £1.2 million of lottery money was awarded to Erewash Museum and Victoria Park in Ilkeston for major projects to be carried out.

Plans for factory: A planning application was submitted to Erewash Borough Council for 85 homes to be built at Gardener Aerospace, on Cotmanhay Road.

Gnome island: Gnomes started appearing on a roundabout on Nottingham Road in Ilkeston. A petition followed to name the island ‘gnome island’. Local resident Pamela Lambert became increasingly annoyed when people kept stealing the gnomes she had put there.


Big Kirk Hallam: A project in Kirk Hallam was given £1 million to spend over ten years. The scheme aims to make Kirk Hallam a better place to live.

Masked raid: The One Stop store in Cotmanhay was targeted by masked raiders who stole cigarettes.

Tied to chair: One-armed dad Jonathan Collinge hit the headlines again when he tied himself to a chair at Ilkeston JobCentre over claims he hadn’t been paid his benefits on time.


Sad loss: Ilkeston hit the headlines when police were called to Charlotte Street in Cotmanhay early on September 11.

They were initially called to One Stop were a robbery had taken place.

They were later called to a house nearby following reports that a man had been stabbed to death. He was named as Paul Averill.

The two incidents were not linked by police.

Inspirational teen: Sian Martin, 18, donated her bone marrow to help save a stranger’s life. She went to London to undergo the painful procedure.

Rumours quashed: Morrions quashed rumours that it was pulling out of opening in Ilkeston.


Market anger: Stall holders at Ilkeston Market Place were left fuming over proposals by Erewash Borough Council to change the layout of their stalls.

They claimed they had not been consulted on the changes, which would have seen their stalls moved and changed in size.

Homes to be built: Protestors said they would not give up their fight despite the government giving the green light for hundreds of homes to be built at Field Farm in Stapleford.

Reaction to Bath Street plan: There was mixed reaction to plans to open Bath Street back up to traffic. Maggie Throup, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Erewash, started the campaign in an attempt to breathe life back into the town centre.


A man who stole from a pensioner selling poppies in Ilkeston was jailed. Carl Reeve, 39 appeared at court where he pleaded guilty to theft.

He was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison for that and other offences.

Rallying for Jamie: People in Ilkeston showed a strong sense of community spirit for a dad who was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier in the year.

Lots of people stepped in to help raise funds for Jamie Cragg, 29, who is currently undergoing treatment.

Shock death: Tributes were paid to Ilkeston dad-of three Kit Taylor, who died suddenly. The 45-year-old was the deputy chairman of Ilkeston Rugby Union Football Club.


Strike action: Firefighters in Ilkeston took to the picket line once again in an on-going dispute over pensions.

Santa saga: There was upset across Ilkeston following the news that Santa and his sleigh would not be making its journey through the town this year.

However, on reading the news in the ‘Tiser, a team of friends from Coppice Steam stepped in and Santa did his rounds on a green bus because nobody could find the sleigh.

Boris in Bath Street: Mayor of London Boris Johnson visited Ilkeston and spoke about what he thought of the town. He also supported the campaign to open Bath Street back up to traffic.