A prime spot for ‘Dogging’

Ilkeston dogging site
Ilkeston dogging site

Websites that advertise popular hotspots for the craze of outdoor sex known as ‘dogging’ are pinpointing a part of Ilkeston, the Advertiser can reveal.

The explicit pages also encourage people to sign up to the activity, which involves engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so.

A car park near to the Manners Industrial Estate frequently crops up as a top site for taking part in the practice locally.

People who take part say that the activity is not illegal because it is not an offence to have sex in public unless it causes outrage to a witness.

The Advertiser has made local police and councillors aware of the issue and they are making enquiries.

Speaking after the ‘Tiser broke the news to her, Derbyshire county councillor for the area, Cllr Michelle Booth, said: “I haven’t had any residents come to me and complain about this but I really hope that this is not the case.

“We don’t want that kind of activity going on on our doorsteps and we certainly don’t want websites publicising it.

“If it is the case then there are things that can be done to stop it.

“I shall speak to other authorities and ensure that if there is a problem it is quickly resolved.”

Facebook users in the town have also made reference to the late-night goings on at a car park near the industrial estate,

The practice has been in the headlines recently thanks to TV documentaries.

A whole host of places across the county are listed on the sites which can be found within seconds via a simple internet search.