A tale of two high streets


I had cause to go into Long Eaton last week and I was surprised at how many shops were open. In fact I remarked to my friend that I hadn’t seen any shops closed.

Why is this? I wondered then I thought, Long Eaton has traffic going through the main centre and also Erewash Borough Council seems to have more councillors from out of Ilkeston.

Is this why Erewash councillors don’t want us to have shops on Bath Street, because then it will take people from Long Eaton to Ilkeston?

I also see that Erewash Borough Council have agreed to a Tesco in Sandiacre which it seems no one wants. If Rutland can stop Tesco building in their town than why can’t Sandiacre?

I also note we have another shop shut on Bath Street.

Surely this council should be encouraging shops into Ilkeston not driving them out.

As a lot of councillors don’t live in Ilkeston why should they be bothered about the town?

Mrs B Matthews