Abby buys last burger

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An Ilkeston schoolgirl snapped up the last burger to be cooked at Ilkeston’s Bath Street McDonald’s on Saturday.

Abby Jameson, seven, headed to the restaurant accompanied by her mum Tamla and dad Leon, just before closing in the hope that she would be able to eat the last meal cooked at her favourite place to eat.

The Ladywood Primary School pupil said: “I was really sad to see McDonald’s close as I loved coming into town because I would usually get a Happy Meal.

“I was so excited to be the last person to have ordered a cheeseburger from there.

“I can’t wait until the new one opens, wouldn’t it be great if I was the first person to order from there?”

Abby’s mum Tamla added: “We were in there as they were closing up and Abby asked if she could go and buy one more burger.

“She was so excited to get the last one and sit and eat it in there for the last time.

“She can’t wait until the new one opens. Depending when it is we’ll take her down there and see if she can be the first one served.”

The fast food chain closed its town-centre branch ready for the grand opening of a new and bigger restaurant on May 21.

The new site, opposite Tesco on Rutland Street, will employ more staff, offers more up to date facilities and more seating.