Academy decision made

Kimberley School will re-open after the summer holidays as an academy - according to one of the school’s governors.

The main change as a result of the decision will be in the way that the school is financed.

Cllr Ken Rigby, a governor at the school, said: “We have consulted extensively with parents, staff nad unions before making the choice to take this step.

“Becoming an academy will mean an increase in funding and that will definitely benefit students.

“I’m absolutely delighted at the decsion.

“I first became involved at the school in 2008 when it had been served a notice to improve. That was rock bottom.

“Since then we’ve got the best results we’ve ever had and stopped the brain drain - Kimberley is now the school of choice for local parents nad hopefully the decision to become an academy will see student numbers increase and the school’s progress continue.”

Cllr Rigby confirmed that as part of the agreement to become an academy all current terms and conditions of the employment of teaching staff will remain the same for current and new staff.

But the NUT, whose members have taken strike action over the plans, say it has yet been confirmed to them that the paperwork has been signed for the academty status to be in place for September.

Secretary, Ian Stevenson, said: “Until we receive confirmation that funding is in place it is hard to comment.

“We know the school intends to become an academy before September but that doesn’t necessary mean that it will.”