Action needed on ‘dangerous’ road in Kirk Hallam

Traffic problems in Kirk Hallam
Traffic problems in Kirk Hallam

Residents say safety measures need to be put in place on a road in Kirk Hallam to prevent further car accidents.

The call comes after a recent three car collision on Godfrey Drive last week.

People living on the street say action needs to be taken before somebody is killed.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “Something seriously needs to be done about the road.

“We have school double decker buses, Barton buses and school traffic as well as residents of Godfrey Drive driving down this road.

“ I have many times been witness to wing mirrors being smashed off and cars being hit by buses, it’s dangerous.

“The council needs to either fit speed bumps or change the road to one -way as someone is going to be killed one day.

“This latest accident ended up closing the road for two hours at peak school time.

“Drivers need to slow down.”

The resident, who has two young children, told of one occasion when she feared a bus would come through their front room.

She said: “One time I sat in the living room and I saw a bus on the bank, it wobbles as if it was going to come into the house.

“My friend has had her car smashed into four times in a year. I have had my wing mirror smashed three times.”

She now plans to start a petition to get speed bumps on the road, or for new parking spaces for residents,

She added: “Everyone is so angry because they are getting their cars hit.

“If that crash has happened later who know what would have happened,

“I will start a petition before someone gets killed, because it’s going to happen . I’m going to end up with a bus in the house.”