Action needed over footpath

In reference to the article about water outside garages and on a public footpath in Cotmanhay (Advertiser July 19).

It’s been three weeks and no response. I’m not surprised, no response in ten years or more.

But I am surprised about the response, or lack of it, from the people that use the footpath, mothers taking children to school and picking them up, those going to the shops or dog walkers, that have not made their views known to each other.

After four or five days of hot weather last week the slime that was on the path and in front of the garages was covered in flies and midges etc.

To get my car out of the garage I had to reverse, stop and get out of the car to close the garage door, by the time I was back in teh car there were midlges and flies all over it and inside.

Before long someone will slip or fall. What then? Does it take an accident to get something done?

M Beardsley