Action needed over speeding drivers

NILA 13-10-12 BE 2 Residents Shipley view estate are worried about speeding cars.
NILA 13-10-12 BE 2 Residents Shipley view estate are worried about speeding cars.

I would like to highlight, the very real threat to public safety and the welfare of our pets. Shipley View is a sprawling residential estate with open stretches of road and children’s play areas.

This makes it in essence an attractive place to live in the area.

However in reality, we have a very real problem!

I am aware of various fatalities of much-loved family pets, being knocked over and left for dead.

Whilst speeding drivers, without conscience, or remorse drive away.

I have had to knock on the door of a distraught gentleman, whose 15-year-old cat, A pet who had grown up with his children, had been run over and left for dead on Summerfields Way leading up to Heanor Road.

The gentleman then had the awful task of telling his children.

Another friend of mine who lives on Mason Road, had a beloved pet who suffered a similar fate.

Other friends who live further along on Mason Road lost a pet cat last year and again this week in broad daylight they suffered the loss of another much-loved pet cat and searched for 24 hours relentlessly to find him only to find he had not made his way home but died from his injuries in a neighbours garden.

He had been tragically killed by a motorist who did not stop! A resident of Mason Road moved house due to fear for the safety of their children because of the speeding driver issues.

Last night I witnessed a ‘boy racer car’ driving at what must have been 60mph up Summerfields Way past Little Steps Day Nursery. A few hours earlier infants, babies and older, including my own baby, would have been being picked up to go home.

Surely this should be a speed restricted area?

In other residential areas restricted speed passing places, speed cameras, speed bumps and narrowed lanes are in place.

Namely: Boweswell Road Estate, Ladywood Road Kirk Hallam and Cotmanhay Road.

On Shipley View, we have long open stretches of road.

These currently seem to be used as a race track for irresponsible drivers attempting to break the land speed record!

There is no intervention from any authority to stop this practice – Summerfields Way, Mason Road, Shipley Common Lane, Barling Drive amongst others.

This continues daily, whilst more pets are killed more regularly. This is a travesty.

Now residents, councillors, Derbyshire County Council, Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire Police. When is this going to be addressed? When a child is knocked over and injured or killed? When more family pets are mowed over? Or now?

Joanna Ward

Shipley View