Action over shop is needed


I welcome the fact that Erewash Borough Council are requiring the owners of the old Woolworths premises on Bath Street to get the place cleaned up.

However I think it should be made clear who it actually was who instigated this initiative in the first place.

Erewash Borough Council may be glad to take the kudos and be seen as the heroes of grime fighting, but I think, if there are any medals to be handed out they should go to the general public, the good old public of Ilkeston whose observations have quite rightly been taken on board.

People like local resident Liz Potter who brought the matter to my attention. I was then subsequently able to speak on the issue at the last Full Council meeting which took place on March 8, eight days before the said notice was issued.

My thanks go out to members of the public for bringing this issue to prominence, and to the Advertiser for pursuing it on their behalf.

Cllr John Frudd