Allen first to go under hi-tech robot’s knife

Allen Fotherby had pioneering robot surgery
Allen Fotherby had pioneering robot surgery

A cancer patient from Awsworth was the first person in the East Midlands to have his tumour removed by a robot.

Allen Fotherby went under the knife with ‘Davinci’ the robot – a new £2m state of the art piece of equipment at Nottingham City Hospital – taking control.

He said “I was shocked to have heard that robots were taking over surgery.

“But to think I was the first patient made me feel quite honoured. It was an amazing bit of equipment.”

The 50-year-old, who had prostate cancer, was given the option to have the standard keyhole surgery instead if he preferred.

But he said he was ‘unphased by it’ and thought it sounded great.

“My surgeon said it was a more precise bit of kit, so I thought I’d go for it.

“I did my homework, but I didn’t want to watch too many videos on youtube about letting a robot loose on your body!”

The robotic surgery allows an unprecedented level of precision and dexterity, enabling surgeons to cut better and see better than ever before.

Benefits for the patient include less complications and a quicker recovery.

And Mr Fotherby, who only had the operation last Monday, February 10, said the way that he felt following the surgery was ‘testament’ to the machine.

“I’ve hardly got any stomach pain and I have only got three little cuts on my belly,” he said.

“I feel amazing in myself. I feel I could go back to work and get back on my bike tomorrow. The recovery speed has just been incredible. It’s amazed me.”

Mr Fotherby, who lives in Main Stret, is doing a 150 mile bike ride in August to raise money for prostate cancer research.