Alternative plan for sites


Why are the council trying to con the general public into a farce regarding the proposals for new houses. If, as stated in your article on this matter, the council want people to put forward their suggestion’s on where to build houses then there would be less to object to, or they then may turn it round and say it’s not feasible and carry on with what they proposed anyway saying no appropriate sites were put forward.

I would like to put forward an idea:

1) Build a college on the vacant site which used to be the American Adventure.

2) Demolish Ilkeston and Heanor colleges which could be housed in proposal number one.

3) Build the houses on these sites.

4) Use the American Adventure lake for wildlife, leisure, education purposes.

5) Convert old building’s and shops into usable properties.

6) Use a fraction of the money allocated for the railway WHITE ELEPHANT (High Speed Train) to do this and build a station at the same time, bringing business to the town.

Rod Haycock