Alternative sites available


Regarding Councillor Chris Corbett comments in the Ilkeston Advertiser, October 20, that “you cannot deny that more homes are needed”, I for one would agree, however I would strongly object to the disproportionate proposals for Ilkeston.

As leader of council for the whole of the Erewash borough, Councillor Corbett should perhaps explain why only two sites, both in Ilkeston, are the only sites for the whole of Erewash being put forward for consultation?

Councillor Corbett also asks if anyone can suggest alternate locations?

I would suggest Councillor Corbett refers to the 711 page Erewash Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2011.

There he will find 491 locations spread throughout the borough. Ilkeston does need homes, it also needs jobs, his proposals provide too many of one and too few of the other.

Ian Smart

Hedingham Close