Amy’s 10k run in memory of her late sister

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A heartbroken woman is getting ready for a 10k running challenge after the tragic death of her sister.

Andrea Charlesworth, of Ilkeston, was just 43 when she died. It wasn’t until after her death in January that her family were told she had pancreatic cancer.

Her death devastated the whole family, including her son Luke, 23, daughter Leah, 16, one-year-old grandson Lucas, and parents Glynis and Peter, also of Ilkeston.

Now Andrea’s sister, Amy, 26, formerly of Ilkeston, will run the Women’s Running 10k Race in Birmingham on May 10 to raise cash for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Amy said: “Andrea had been poorly for a while before she died but she was never diagnosed, it was such a shock to all of us.

“She was so young and it’s rare for a woman of her age to get pancreatic cancer.

“She had so much to live for and we are all devastated, I wanted to do something in her memory so chose the run.”

Amy decided to run for Pancreatic Cancer Action because of focus on early diagnosis.

She explained: “Andrea had been to the doctors on and off with all different symptoms and even though she was convinced she had cancer it wasn’t looked into because of her age and how rare it is.

“Since she died and I’ve read up on it I found out that 97 out 100 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within five years.

“This statistic is unbelievable and I’d love to be a part of the force to change that.”

Keen runner and office worker Amy hopes to complete the 10k course in an hour.

She said: “I’ve been running for years and my training is going really well, I’m comfortable with the distance now, so it’s all about improving my personal best time.”

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