‘Angry’ Sandiacre vandal wrote-off car

Alan Fox had to pay 320 for a build up of rubbish in his back yard
Alan Fox had to pay 320 for a build up of rubbish in his back yard

Rueful Thomas Chambers must pay £6,500 compensation after leaping onto a car’s bonnet and roof.

He completed the write-off by kicking a wing mirror and using a concrete slab on the black Seat Exeo, a court heard.

When questioned by police, Chambers said the car’s owner had “slept with his girlfriend.” He also took cannabis from the back of the vehicle, saying he knew the owner was a drug dealer.

A prison term of eight weeks, suspended for a year, was imposed on Chambers, 21, of Maple Avenue, Sandiacre. He was ordered to pay £6,500 compensation to the owner.

Magistrate Len Miller told him: “You have got to manage your anger and your emotions, you have got to be responsible. Clearly your behaviour was wholly reckless and wholly stupid. The damage was absolutely shocking.

“Because of your guilty plea, and taking the view that the impact on your life would be so great as to be devastating, our purpose is to punish and rehabilitate you.”

Chambers pleaded guilty to criminal damage and having cannabis in Stapleford on July 2. As part of the sentence, he must attend a “thinking skills” course for 19 days.

Ran Johal, mitigating, said Chambers worked six days a week at Stanton Bonna, near Ilkeston and was hoping eventually to gain skills needed to launch a business.

Mr Johal told Nottingham Magistrates: “It was not a premeditated incident. He had been arguing with his girlfriend.

“On his way home, he had seen the complainant’s car and it was more of a spontaneous thing, not a premeditated thing.

“He is not proud of his behaviour. It seemed the right thing to do at the time but it was a very wrong thing to do and very foolish.”

Margaret Martin, prosecuting, said: “The owner saw him jumping up on the bonnet and roof, kicking the wing mirror and smashing panels and windows with slabs of concrete.

“The police stopped him 100 metres away from the damaged vehicle, carrying a ten-litre plastic container which contained a large amount of cannabis and some dealer bags.”

These came from the back seat of the car. Chambers later said he knew the car owner “had weed and claimed he was a dealer,” added Mrs Martin.