Animal activists target MP

West Hallam’s MP Pauline Latham has increased security at her home after her address was posted online by animal rights activists.

The Tory politician was targeted by a protest group after supporting plans for a badger cull, which would see around 5,000 of the animals shot.

And after taking advice from Derbyshire Police, she is ramping up security at her home and constituency office.

She said: “They are really quite aggressive. It is quite a shock for them to say we should be targeting people.

“There is a website in the UK that has printed these details and we are asking if that can be taken down, but the other one is based in 

Calls to drop pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset over the summer were rejected by 299 votes to 250 in a Commons debate last week. Derbyshire MPs including Erewash’s Jessica Lee also supported the culls.

Mrs Latham continued: “I’m not anti-badger. There is a badger sett near to my home. I’m not personally killing badgers. But we do need a controlled cull.”