Appeal for missing tortoise

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An adventurous tortoise has made an escape from a garden in Kirk Hallam.

Charlton, the Horsfield tortoise, went missing from 12 St. Margeret Drive on July 21.

The animal was sighted again on Sunday (August 3) near the canal towpath at Hallam fields - two miles away from its home.

Charlton’s owner, Jeanette Andrews, has calculated that he must be travelling at a rate of around 100 yds a day.

She also wants people to know that the runaway tortoise likes to bury himself at night and may appear dead when he does this.

Charlton has been a family pet for three years and has a female tortoise waiting back home for him to return.

Jeanette is appealing to anyone who may have seen the tortoise to contact her on 07786152954.