Appeal to find cat’s owner after it was mauled to death by dogs

A GOOD Samaritan who took a cat which had been mauled by a pair of dogs to vets in Derby, wants to find its owner.

The 23-year-old saw two Staffordshire terriers attacking the cat in the alleyway alongside Lloyds TSB bank in Ilkeston Market Place last Monday at about 6.15pm.

She approached the animals in a bid to pull the dogs away when they turned to her as if they were going to attack.

At that point a man, thought to be the dogs’ owner, called them away and ran off towards Erewash Museum.

“It all happened so quickly,” she said, “My mum’s got Staffies but I’ve never seen them act like that. It was awful.”

The woman could not find the owner and the cat had no collar so she asked her grandad to drive her to Derby’s PDSA hospital.

Sadly the female tabby cat, described as mostly white with black and ginger tortoiseshell patterns, died on the journey.

Vets said they would have put the cat down as she had a broken forearm and puncture wounds to her neck.

If you think the cat may be yours call PDSA on 01332 345 771.