Appeal to find funds for new veg garden

NILA 18-07-12 BE 9 Abbotsford pre-school garden vandalised.
NILA 18-07-12 BE 9 Abbotsford pre-school garden vandalised.

Yobs have destroyed a playgroup’s fruit and veg garden days before the kids – some as young as two – were due to pick what they have grown.

The vandals – thought to be youngsters, who regularly congregate around the Abbotsford Community Centre in Shipley View, left a trail of destruction in their wake.

They dug up every single vegetable, snapped apple trees and trampled flowers as they trashed the garden, bought for the Abbotsford Playgroup earlier this year with £9,000 of lottery cash.

Annamarie Halford, manager of the Summerfields Way playgroup said she was ‘so angry’.

“I’m disgusted,” she said.

“It could be their brothers or sisters – or one day – one of their children coming here.

“It’s all for the community and they have wrecked it”

The caretaker discovered the damage last Wednesday morning.

Ms Halford told the ‘Tiser she had to break the news to the children, aged from two to four, who were due to pick the veg on Friday, the last day of term.

“They were really looking forward to it,” she said.

“They have loved doing it –they have watched the strawberries grow and worked really hard. But now they can’t see what they’ve done.”

She said in the past glass has been found around the garden left by youngsters hanging around in the evening.

Police confirmed that they are investigating the vandalism and urged anyone with information to call them on 101.