Artist’s work is in demand across Atlantic

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An artist is in demand across the Atlantic after spending years inspiring people to take up painting.

Ann Pollard did two portraits of children after receiving photos from Canada – and now her work is being snapped up in the USA.



“I nearly fell over when I received this interest,” said Ann of Shipley View, Ilkeston.

It puts you under a lot of pressure to get things over there but I enjoy it.

“They like some abstract and expressionist work and that is something I like to paint. People often say they see more in the paintings and I love that.”

Ann has now sold around nine pictures to people across the Atlantic.

sp94382   Ilkeston artist Ann Pollard

sp94382 Ilkeston artist Ann Pollard

She became an art teacher after approaching Derbyshire County Council, hoping to get involved in occupational therapy, about 12 years ago.

Currently, she runs a course in Shipley Country Park. One of her pupils, Celia Stephenson said: “She is a very good artist and so versatile. I have some of her seascapes, Japanese fish, a beautiful dahlia and woodland scenes.

“As a teacher, she has a lot of patience and makes things simple with comparisons you can understand.”

Another pupil, Sue Harrison, said: “She could bring out creativity in my dog.

“I am not at all surprised at the interest from America because her work has such style, there is a life to it.

“You see some paintings which are two dimensional but you could walk into hers. They make you feel as if you are there. She helps people find their creativity.”

Ann also has work on the books of the Saatchi Online Gallery, which has originals on sale for up to 850 dollars.