Asia calling for Ilkeston’s head balancer

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Ilkeston’s head balancer John Evans has been invited to show off his skills at a festival in Bombay.

Techfest is Asia’s largest science and technology festival which last year received a footfall of more than a million people, which is the largest to be achieved by any college festival in Asia.

Kumar Ishu, manager of the festival, said that he felt John was one of the best artists for the festival.

He said: “We feel that the Indian public would love to have you at Techfest. Due to budget constraints, we would not be able to provide any compensation fee for the performance. However, we look forward to bear the travel expenses and take care of your accommodation and lodgings as well during your stay in India.

“W​e always try to deliver the best to the Indian public and we feel you are perfect for them.

“I guarantee you that you won’t have any complains regarding that. The enjoyment of performing in India in front of such a large crowd, we and our previous artists feel cannot be matched by anything else.”