Autocorrect error causes red faces and giggles at Ilkeston school

Ladywood Primary School headteacher Melanie Lawson.
Ladywood Primary School headteacher Melanie Lawson.

An Ilkeston primary school came to national attention last week after a typing error taught everyone involved a cheeky lesson about spelling.

To get pupils back into the new term with a burst of energy, staff at Ladywood Primary School, on Oliver Road, had planned three days of outdoor activities for its reception and year one classes.

Headteacher Melanie Lawson said: “It can be tricky getting children motivated when we came back.

“Some of them may have spent Christmas cooped up indoors too, so outdoors learning is a good way to get everyone engaged in school again.”

With the weather taking a cold turn, they decided it would be wise to remind parents and carers to ensure their children were dressed appropriately.

However, when they sent out a mass text message to parents’ phones, no one at the school spotted an unfortunate mistake created by the system’s autocorrect tool.

The message read: “Don’t forget your willies and waterproofs and to wrap up warm. We are outdoor learning this week.”

Melanie said: “Within seconds we got our first phone call from a parent giggling about it.

“We realised our mistake and sent out a correction straight away, but everyone was already laughing.”

The joke rippled online too, after one parent posted a screenshot of the message on Facebook.

One mum replied to the image, “This has made me laugh more than it should have”; another said, “This made my day receiving this message lol.”

One father even poked fun at the message, writing: “They’re easily forgotten!”

As more and more people shared in a moment of delight at the gaffe, it even caught the eye of journalists at Mail Online, who featured the story on the website.

Staff at the school were soon inundated with messages from friends and families who had read it.

Melanie said: “I was surprised there was any press interest in it, but January is difficult enough for all of us so if we can raise a smile that’s all to the good.

“It’s a bit of New Year’s cheer.”

“We have a very good working relationship with parents and I’m glad they found it funny too. We had many more jokes as they came into the playground with their wellies, and then a fantastic day of outdoor learning.”