Avoid panic buying at petrol stations

THE petrol ‘crisis’ caused last week saw petrol stations across the town placing a maximum limit on fill-ups to try and reduce the chance of running out.

I well remember the fuel crisis in 2000 which cost the British economy an estimated £1bn.

In this time of financial constraints our country can ill-afford another such blow.

The haulage union is right to fight for the rights of its members – especially when safety and working conditions are being discussed.

And fingers crossed a negotiated settlement can be reached without the need to push ahead with strike action.

But if they fail then they must think carefully before choosing to follow that course of action otherwise they could quickly find public opinion turning against them as it is our lives that will be affected if it was to go ahead.

I think we can all accept that this whole situation has been handled badly.

But hopefully further problems will be averted by compromise on both sides.

In the mean time I would urge all of you to stay calm and try and avoid any of the problems we have seen this week with seemingly unnecessary never-ending queues at forecourts.