Baby death trial: accused told police girl was his ‘little angel’

Nottingham Crown COurt.
Nottingham Crown COurt.
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A man accused of murdering his partner’s baby told police she was his “little angel”, a court has heard.

Darryl Elliott, of Stapleford, denied shaking 14-month-old Amelia Bowmar to death when interviewed by police following the toddler’s death.

She fell ill in Elliott’s care at a house in Sandringham Drive, Sutton-on-Sea, on July 28, 2012, and died in hospital two days later.

At his trial at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday, jurors were taken through six police interviews between Elliott and officers conducted after Amelia fell ill and later died.

The process in court involved prosecution junior Gordon Aspden playing the part of Elliott while he read out transcripts of the interviews with witness DC Stephen Rudd, of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit.

In the exchange, officers asked Elliott if he had murdered Amelia, to which he said: “No I did not.

“I would never do that. She was my left side of my body.

“I had grown such a bond with that girl I would never hurt her and anybody who wanted to would have to go through me first. She was my little angel.”

The court has previously heard Amelia was taken to hospital with serious internal injuries after Elliott, 30, called 999 saying he thought the child had fallen over.

In the exchange between Mr Aspden and DC Rudd, the court heard Elliott was questioned by officers about the events leading up to Amelia becoming ill.

Elliott told officers he had bathed her after she had been sick.

He then dressed her and left her momentarily on the settee in the lounge while he went to get her some juice.

He added: “She didn’t appear to be ill whatsoever. She was absolutely fine.”

Elliott added that he gave Amelia a high-five as he went to get her some juice, and that she smiled at him.

He then returned from the kitchen to find her lying on the floor in a “crucifix” position.

Prosecutors claim Elliott shook Amelia after losing his temper.

When asked under interview by officers if he had shaken Amelia, he said: “I can categorically deny I shook her at all.

“I literally picked her up from the floor and tipped her head forward.

“It was just a vertical movement not backwards or forwards.”

Officers also asked if he had ever become angry with Amelia, to which Elliott said: “I love Amelia to bits and I would never harm her.”

A postmortem examination concluded that the cause of death was non-accidental head injury.

Elliott denies murder.

The trial continues.