Bad report is published

NILA 02-10-12 BE 14 The Ormiston ilkeston school, academy.
NILA 02-10-12 BE 14 The Ormiston ilkeston school, academy.
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The damning report which gave Ormiston Ilkeston Academy the lowest possible ‘inadequate’ rating has been published in full this week.

The school, set to take on pupils from Ormiston Enterprise Academy if a plan to merge the two goes ahead, was put under special measures by Ofsted last week.

Before Ormiston took over as an academy, placing it outside of county council control, the school, then Ilkeston Specialist Arts College, had achieved a ‘satisfactory’ rating – one rating higher.

Inspectors said standards in English and maths had dropped this year and were ‘well below’ the national average.

They blasted teachers for not setting high enough expectations of what pupils could achieve and said the quality of teaching was ‘too variable’.

“Leaders and managers have not taken effective steps to tackle the variable quality of teaching and low levels of achievement,” the report read.

“Capacity to improve, therefore, is inadequate.”

The report continued: “Teachers do not always correct basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar” and “some students’ work is poorly presented.”

Governors too came under scrutiny: “The governing body does not hold the academy to account.

“Governors do not pay enough attention to issues related to students’ achievement.”

Pupils’ attendance was also said to be too low.

Last week it was revealed that the sixth form is to split from its partnership with Kirk Hallam college in September.

The report said the academy’s sixth form ‘requires improvement’ after a drop in achievement this year.

But there were a few positive points, including pupils’ behaviour, where there was found to be ‘significant improvements’ recently.