Base shows power of green energy

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A specialist solar panels firm has opened a brand new showroom in Stapleford to highlight all the latest innovations in green energy.

Reset Renewables, based at 143 Nottingham Road, will sell not only solar panels but many other environmentally friendly energy solutions, including LED lighting, electric heaters, light switches and cables.

Housed in a former pharmacy shop, there are a wide selection of products from leading manufacturers.

Owner John Allen, 49, has been an electrician for some 35 years, setting up Reset Renewables four years ago.

He realised there was a gap in the market in terms of a place where members of the public could go to actally view products and discuss how they work.

“A lot of people don’t know how they can make the money back from having solar panels installed at home,” he explained. “We can talk them through it and they can make a more informed decision.”

With a team of four currently working for the company, Alan moved into the solar panel market in 2009 and estimates he has helped produce more than 2 million watts of power.

Interest in solar panels is still high even though Government subsidies for installation are lower than previously, John said.

“The price of panels has gone right down though, so people are still looking at a return on investment of 12-13% on most systems,” he explained.

“I’d say an average house with 16 solar panels would cost just under £6,000, but give back about £30,000 in power over the next 30 years. The gains are still enormous.”