Bath Street is broken, bring back buses

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Danny Corns (Readers’ View, November 8) is saying now what I have been saying since Bath Street was pedestrianised and having no buses on Bath Street doesn’t help.

Why can’t we have the tram back?

If not that, why can’t we have buses running from Hallam Fields to Cotmanhay up and down Bath Street every hour?

As Mr Corns says, Ilkeston is not like other towns.

I was talking to someone today who lives in Long Eaton but used to live in Ilkeston. I asked what she thought of Ilkeston.

‘Not much, there are a lot more shops in Long Eaton,’ was her answer.

Almost every year there is a bonfire show in Long Eaton. Why can’t the council hold one in Ilkeston?

Why don’t people stand up for what they believe regarding Chalons Way and the pedestrianisation of Bath Street?.

Mrs B. Mathews

East Street, Ilkeston