Be fair with parking fines

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I would like to know if there is any common sense at Erewash Borough Council?

When the Charter Fair was on, all the streets where permit car parking are held was lifted except Market Street, which is a dead end and tickets were given to various vehicles, even though this has never happened in previous years.

Four staff from the dentist parked on Market Street, three received tickets – one who parked there all week didn’t.

Employee’s from Dennis’ Chip received tickets where they parked in previous years due to the street being closed off. Mrs Harris of Pat Collins, who was parked in-between two other vehicles within lines was booked, but neither of the two vehicles back and front of her received tickets.

I expect this is just a few who received this selective targeting of cars on Market Street.

The showmen pay a lot of money for the use of Ilkeston in rents and permits for their trailers and sites at the Charter Fair, unlike the gypsies that cost the town much money for their illegal use of our car parks.

The showmen spend much needed money for our dying town and also the people who come to Ilkeston Fair spend not only money on the fair, but much needed money in the shops, bars and eateries.

As in last week’s letters and comments in the Ilkeston Advertiser, many people like to come to the fair and have fun and socialise with friends, especially in this gloomy economic climate and Erewash should encourage, not discourage, people from coming to Ilkeston.

Is it too much to ask the council to lift these restrictions on parking for five days, while the fair is on? Then the traffic wardens can target other areas, especially where you are trying to come out of residential streets and you can’t see for cars being parked so close to junctions that you run the risk of losing the front end of your vehicle.

Annoyed rate payer