Be kind to seagulls

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The animal charity the RSPCA would like to urge greater tolerance for gulls this summer holidays.

Every year we get hundreds of calls about cruel and abusive attacks on the birds to our officers.

One poor chick was recently plucked from his nest by a teenage boy and thrown off a two-storey building to his death.

Another was brought to one of our wildlife centres with 10 airgun pellets lodged in its spine, wings and organs. With the holidays approaching it is feared these problems will only get worse and it is also the time when parent gulls are more likely to ‘swoop’ on anyone who they see as a threat to their young chicks. We would like people to remember is that it is actually illegal to do anything to harm them and cause them to suffer unnecessarily.

All it takes is a little understanding to see gulls are just wild animals behaving in a natural way - searching for food and protecting their young like any protective mum or dad.

Proper disposal of litter, deterrents and non-lethal methods of control are far better ways of reduce problems of living with gulls. For more information on how to deter gulls and this issue please visit

Adam Grogan,