Be proud of our town

MDL090728A1 - Ilkeston sign
MDL090728A1 - Ilkeston sign

I was born and raised in Ilkeston, I went to school here, Bennerley Infants, Granby Juniors and Hallcroft Girls I have worked in Ilkeston all my life, Booths Factory, Winster Products and Domestic Industrial Pressings.

I use a local butcher and baker who I believe are two of the best in the country. I use the local market for my fresh produce and other products.

The fact is small shops struggle to compete with the internet and supermarkets so we must think of other ways to revitalize our town centres.

Continually writing bad things about our town helps no-one except our competitors, so I call on the Labour Party to start being positive about Ilkeston, we have such a lot to be proud of and join with the council, the Chamber of Trade and Erewash Partnership in working to make our town thrive and prosper.

Cllr Mary Hopkinson

Little Hallam Ward