Be sure to buckle up

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I’ve mentioned Operation Safedrive many times before.

We stop vehicles and look at a range of safety matters, from vehicle condition and load, to insurance status, to other motoring offences, such as using a mobile at the wheel.

Regular readers will know of my amazement at the number of people who put themselves at risk by failing to wear their seatbelt.

However, during our latest checks on May 20, we came across something truly astonishing. We stopped a car in which not one of the six children inside (aged between three months and nine years) was strapped in properly!

The driver (mum) claimed that they were all naughty and kept taking their belts off. She didn’t quite seem to understand why we were making a big deal of it. I hope you will be pleased to hear that she received a fixed penalty to help focus her mind in future about the need to keep her children safe.

Ensuring that children under the age of 14 are safely restrained is the responsibility of the driver.

If you do have children who manage somehow to take their restraints off, then pull in somewhere safe and sort it out.

They are the most precious cargo you are ever going to carry.

It’s pleasing to see that compared to this time last year, we’ve had fewer reported non-dwelling burglaries (sheds, garages, 

A further pleasing trend is that where these have occurred, the burglar has had to make some real effort to gain access, by forcing padlocks, removing hinges and so on.

The two things are not unconnected. Sometimes a really determined person will get in, despite the security measures in place.

But as I have mentioned many times before, so much crime is committed by opportunists.

Getting basic security right acts as such a deterrent.

I am delighted that we are seeing far fewer reports where criminals have been able simply to walk into insecure sheds or garages and have away with people’s hard-earned possessions.

If only the same could be said for car crime! Well done to everyone who has beefed-up their security.