‘Beast’ is spotted in Stanton-by-Dale

Have you seen the 'big cat'?
Have you seen the 'big cat'?

JUST when you thought it was safe to go outside... ‘the Beast of Shipley’ has been spotted again.

This time, reports of a black ‘panther-like’ creature stalking the countryside around Ilkeston have come to the Advertiser from five miles away in Stanton-by-Dale.

Nurse Amanda Chapman, 30, looked out of her bedroom window earlier this month to see what she thought was a black dog walking along a driveway opposite her house.

When she took a closer look she realised it was moving like a cat in front of Elliot Hire in Littlewell Lane and had a long sweeping tail.

“It was easily three times the size of your average cat,” she explained.

“I was joking with my boyfriend Rob that it could be a panther.

“It was only when I searched on the internet for panthers in Ilkeston that I read that one had been seen in Shipley.

“It really got me thinking.”

Within seconds of spotting it, the ‘cat’ had turned a corner, jumped a wall and was gone.

Since discovering it may well have been a black panther, boyfriend Rob Cheeseman has been a little nervous about returning home from work at the Red House care home late at night, said Amanda.

“He carries a torch with him now so if he sees the beast he can shine it in its face and scare it away,” she said.

The couple have now set up a camera at their home in the hope of catching the beast in action.