Beg the big-name shops to come back

A major problem in Ilkeston is the parking.... people won’t pay to call to the bank or pick up a loaf of bread, they will go to Tesco instead.

Free parking — we should have two-to-three hours of free parking for every visitor, or paid parking with a small amount redeemable if spent in one of the shops.

In reference to plans for a train station, we don’t need a fancy £6 million job, just a platform with a shelter for inclement weather. Spend the rest of the money elsewhere.

Don’t waste money improving the frontages of empty shops, entice new businesses with lower rents.

Encourage the big names back. I understand Primark wanted to open a shop but it was refused permission. We should go back on bended knee and beg them to open a store andgive them the parking at the back for their deliveries.

Argos and Marks and Spencer all should be encouraged to come back to the high street.

The first floor of the Co-op would be ideal for a Primark — coupled perhaps with Topshop/Top Man. This would keep the younger generation of Ilkeston interested in our town.

Permanent market stalls should be installed, like in Chesterfield.

The market in Ilkeston at the moment is a mish-mash of empty stalls. Some days full, other days hardly anything there.

Stall-holders need to be encouraged to come to Ilkeston — give free rents over the winter periods to encourage stalls to stand and discount for the regulars.

We have one of the busiest libraries in the county, why aren’t our councils taking advantage of these people coming into our town?

This isn’t about politics, this should be about what is in the interest of the town.

These decisions should be being made by the local business people and residents,not the councillors.

In my opinion they are not doing a very good job of it.

Mandy Price,

Address supplied.