Benefits of station will be extensive

The news that Ilkeston WILL now get its train station was received with delight from a number of people through social media and in the news.

The benefits this station will have on the town are extensive.

Something I was involved in last year was the arrangement of away travel for supporters of Ilkeston FC. I arrange coach travel to all of the away fixtures, and many of our supporters also use their cars.Having a train station will give our supporters more choice and hopefully it will encourage visiting supporters to travel down to the New Manor Ground (NMG).

Supporters of Ilkeston can already see the benefits for the club. Not only will it be a convenience for fans to travel to and from Ilkeston, but on the field the club could widen the scope of player recruitment if it makes getting to the ground easier for some.

Coupled with the new Derby College campus being built, we could see a revitalised town centre and hopefully some businesses will see the benefits of being on the Ilkeston high street and take up the ever increasing number of empty shops in Ilkeston.

Lee Francis,