‘Best Christmas ever’ as Lukas-James born

Christmas day baby: Lukas-James Hillier with dad Lee Hillier.
Christmas day baby: Lukas-James Hillier with dad Lee Hillier.

An Ilkeston couple say they were given the best Christmas present ever when their baby boy was born on Christmas morning.

Sophie Dawes, 18, started showing signs of labour on Christmas Eve and went to the hospital. She was told to come back later on by which time the couple’s first baby was on the way.

After 12 hours in labour the baby’s heartbeat started to slow down so Sophie was rushed t theatre for an emergency cesarean.

At 4.44am on Christmas Day Lukas-James Hiller was born weighing 8lb 8.5oz.

Dad, Lee Hillier, 23, said: “It was really scary to find ourselves in theatre but she was fine and the next thing there he was.

“It was a massive relief to hear him cry.

“Holding him for the first time was just surreal, I can’t explain it.

“He’s the best Christmas present we could have ever hoped for.

“ We are so happy, he’s amzing and our families were all so excited too.”

The couple, of Oxford Street, Ilkeston, and newborn Lukas-James are now settling in at home.

Lee added: “He was due on December 16, we’d joked about him being born on Christmas Day but never thought he would be.”