Better areas are available


One of the most disturbing aspects of the proposal to build houses on Quarry Hill Road and Pewit/Manners sites is the complete lack of transparency and accountability as to how the decision was made and who made it. We are somehow led to believe that all of the hundreds of sites in Erewash that are available to build on, these two sites somehow popped to the surface all by themselves.

I have made a Freedom of Information request to Erewash Borough Council for all briefing and background papers relating to this decision though the ones mentioned in the report that went to council are already in the public domain.

For a decision to be made by anyone there has to be some sort of filtering process which narrows down the available options so that justifiable decisions may be made. This appears to be completely lacking in this case.

Talks with the planning department also lead me to suspect that there is no ‘paper trail’ regarding this decision. The decision appears to have been made at a Conservative Group meeting where no publicly available notes were taken, following a verbal brief by a planning officer.

I’m sure Il’son folk can make up their own minds as to why all this housing is being dumped on Ilkeston when there are far better sites in the parished areas particularly Draycott, Breaston and West Hallam.

Councillor Frank Phillips

Ilkeston Central ward