Bid to slash mine-lorry traffic

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A fresh appeal has been made to allow lorries to take a shortcut to a planned new mine between Trowell and Cossall in order to ease pressure on local roads.

Last December, Notts County Council gave the green light for the controversial UK Coal Shortwood Farm surface mine.

But it was delayed by the possibility of the plan being ‘called in’ by the government.

This will not happen so attention has turned to details surrounding the project.

Now the county council has written to the Highways Agency asking it to reconsider a previous request to allow heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)serving the mine to get direct access to the M1, through Trowell Services.

The move would avoid the need for a 20km round-trip for each lorry, predominantly using local roads, which it is estimated would save hundreds of thousands of kilometres worth of unnecessary travel.

Fears of local councillors and residents about the number of HGVs travelling to and from the site on the local road network, such as the A609 Nottingham Road, the A6002 Bilborough Road / Woodhouse Way and the A610 Nuthall Road, have been an ongoing issue.

Council officers originally wrote to the Highways Agency in February 2013 with the Trowell Services proposal.

But the request was denied and the council have appealed for common sense in a new letter sent this month.

Cllr John Wilkinson, chairman of the council’s planning and licensing committee, said: “Over the five years of the Shortwood development, around 890,000kms of unnecessary HGV travel could be avoided by using the adjacent motorway service area - even though only seven HGVs would need to travel through each side of the service area per hour.”