Big thank you to landlord


Two weeks ago my mother went to Rutland Cottage for lunch with two of her friends. Mother had been to the bank prior to her visit and had withdrawn £400 in cash. When she left the restaurant she left her handbag under the table.

The manager, Kevin, found the bag and obviously looked inside to try and find identification, which he did. Realising my mother would be panicking he went onto the computer to find her phone number but my mother was out.

My mother found out that her bag had been found because Kevin drove to her house and left a note.

I went with my mother to see Kevin and pick up the bag and the £400.

He wouldn’t even take a reward that my mother was trying to give him and instead invited her and her friends to a free OAP party at the pub.

I collected my mother at the end and was amazed to see how full the place was and Kevin looked great in his panto outfit. I didn’t know pubs were still like this.

A massive thanks to such an honest and caring person.

Name and address supplied