Bikes and mobility scooters on Bath Street ‘need to slow down’

Ilkeston motobility scooter feature.'Shoppers make use of motobility scooters on Bath Street.
Ilkeston motobility scooter feature.'Shoppers make use of motobility scooters on Bath Street.

Concern over people on bikes and mobility scooters going down Bath Street too fast has led police to take action.

In March pensioner Frederick Longlands was killed when a mobility scooter hit him while he was waiting for a bus at the bottom of Bath Street.

And recently an Ilkeston dad raised concerns following an incident which saw his son knocked over by a bike.

Steven Mason said: “Me and my six-year old son had just started to walk down Bath Street. As I turned to look behind I saw a bicycle speeding down Bath Street, I shouted my son to move out the way but before I even had the chance to pull him away the bike hit him straight in the back.

“He hit the floor hard and the man also fell off his bike. I was holding my son while his head was bleeding.”

After being treated at Ilkeston Hospital, he was taken to Queens Medical Centre A&E where he was checked over and discharged with mild concussion. He had bad grazing to his head and the top of his leg.

The police spoke to the man, but by mutual agreement of Mr Mason and the police, charges were not bought.

He added: “The following Saturday while on Bath Street again a compete idiot came speeding past us and other people outside Paul Walkers then weaved one side of the road to the other, since this I am reluctant to use Bath Street when with my children and do so as little as possible.

“I’ve had enough and something needs doing. I always said someone will be hurt one day by bikes on Bath Street but I never thought it would be my own child.”

We asked some mobility scooter users on Bath Street whether they thought they went too fast.

George Harris, 65, has a mobility scooter. He said: “Some do go a bit fast but bikes are terrible. Scooters are restricted to certain speeds, when I go down Bath Street it only goes three miles per hour. I have never had an incident but cyclists are a problem. One of these days someone is going to get killed - they whizz along Station Road.”

Margaret Nightingale, whose husband George hires a mobility scooter a few mornings a week, said: “It is the people who own them privately who drive them fast. I’ve been almost knocked over by push bikes coming down the street. We need police and we haven’t got them.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “We are aware that some cyclists do speed down Bath Street, which poses a risk to their safety and the safety of others. Scooters are becoming increasingly popular and there are a number of riders who cause a nuisance. These two issues are difficult to police as it’s not possible to have officers patrolling Bath Street 24 hours a day.

“However, the local safer neighbourhood team is aware of the problem and is working with the community safety partnership to devise solutions and hope to hold a safety event soon, where leaflets will be given to scooter riders and cyclists.

“In the meantime, we would ask all scooter users and cyclists to be mindful of their speed and aware of pedestrians at all time.

“Please be considerate to others when leaving your bikes and scooters in the town, ensuring that other people, such as wheelchair users, can get by.”