Billy needs your help

nrhn 170311 Rescue Me dog little Bill
nrhn 170311 Rescue Me dog little Bill

Little Billy is the subject of a special Rescue Me this week.

He is in urgent need of an X-ray and an operation to save his leg so that he can lead a pain-free life.

Staff at the centre say the puppy ended up with his painful injuries after being kicked many times.

As The RSPCA centre on Abbey Street, Derby, is a self-funded branch which relies on donations from members of the public, it is unable to fund the £500 needed for Billy’s treatment.

Now staff are launching an urgent appeal to raise the money.

Billy is a tan, nine-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross breed.

He is also severely underweight because he has not been fed a proper balanced diet.

To make a donation or to go and see Billy, pop in to the RSPCA at Abbey Street, Derby, or call the centre on 01332 344620.