Bodybuilder Clive in cancer pledge

Boby builder Clive Wright pictured at home with one of his many trophies
Boby builder Clive Wright pictured at home with one of his many trophies

A bodybuilder from Ilkeston has revealed how he had to give up competingafter being diagnosed with cancer.

Mr Lincolnshire 2008 winner, Clive Wright, 60, who lives on Godfrey Drive, Kirk Hallam, was diagnosed with incurable melanoma in 2010. He has since undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and two stem cell transplants.

He said that at one point he feared he was going to die.

Clive, who is a postman, said: “I went to the doctors because I had a bad back. “He felt around my stomach and found something. He sent me for a biopsy and told me I had melanoma cancer in my bone marrow.

“They told me it was incurable but it is manageable. I take every day as it comes now and have a check up every three months. I haven’t asked what stage it’s at, I don’t want to know.”

Although he no longer competes, Clive, who is married to Christine, said it is his regular gym sessions that help keep him feeling well and works out four times a week for an hour and a half at Platinum Gym in Ilkeston.

He admits he does not miss the diet of being an award winning bodybuilder, saying: “I couldn’t drink, or socialise. Now I eat what I want.

“When I was ill the only time I ever got scared was when I went five weeks without eating. I thought I was going to die. The doctors told me I would eat again but I had no appetite and didn’t want to eat or drink anything because of the cancer.

“When I had the stem cell transplant I was in a room on my own. I had nothing to do but think.

“I have been told the cancer will come back - it could be 20 minutes, it could be 20 years.

“Going to the gym definitely helps in keeping it away, I would urge anyone who’s ill to go.”