Borough needs jobs for young


Glad that the Conservative chairman of their youth section agreed with mine and Cllr John Frudd’s motion to full council the other week to address youth unemployment and job prospects in Erewash.

We asked the council to support us in our aim to invite our MP to bring the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, and Education Secrretary, Michael Gove, to come to Erewash to meet business and education providers and explore the prospect of increasing the canal network further, building a marina, a renewable technology college and business units, rather than the plan to build thousands more houses on the Stanton Site that his colleagues clearly want.

Erewash needs jobs, so, whilst your colleagues voted to treble tuition fees, do away with educational maintainance allowance and cut the youth budget in Derbyshire by 80 per cent, contrast that to how lightly the bankers got off!

This proposal was rejected outright by every single Conservative councillor who, by their actions, made this a political football at the expense of all young people in Erewash, their parents and the unemployed of the borough.

Louis Booth

Kirk Hallam Councillor