BRADFORD JESUS: Family of Buxton-born man Geoffrey Brindley sought to help plan his funeral

Geoffrey Brindley.
Geoffrey Brindley.

The death of a Buxton-born man, who was well-known in Bradford, has touched the hearts of people from across the country this week.

But despite his death being widely reported in both the local and national media, Geoffrey Brindley’s family have not yet been traced.

Now coroner’s officers in Bradford are appealing for his relatives to get in touch so that funeral arrangements can be made.

Geoffrey was a popular character in Bradford where he was known as ‘Bradford Jesus’ as he always used to wear a tunic and sandals. A website listing sightings of him in and around the town had even been set up.

Since his death on Monday at Bradford Royal Infirmary, following a fall at home, a number of social media pages have been set up in tribute to him and there is also currently a drive to raise £10,000 to build a statue of him in Bradford.

Mr Brindley was aged either 87 or 88, and Coroner’s Officer Malcolm Dyson said it was believed that all of his siblings had passed away and that it was thought he didn’t have any children.

However, Mr Dyson is hoping to trace any surviving members of Mr Brindley’s family in case they wanted to make arrangements for his funeral.

If not, a funeral is likely to be held in Bradford for him.

Any family members of Mr Brindley, or anyone who knows of any potential relatives, is asked to call Coroner’s Officer Malcolm Dyson on 01274 475230.