Brave six-year-old’s day with footie star

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A six-year-old boy from Smalley who had to have his leg amputated following a diagnosis of life-threatening bone cancer has met former Derby County star Robbie Savage.

Eddy Parry, along with his mum and dad, Claudia and Jon Parry, met the BBC pundit and were also taken out in a Porsche and a Ferrari.

Eddy, of Main Road, Smalley, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of four.

He has since had 90 high-dose sessions of chemotherapy, 35 blood transfusions, 150 days in hospital and 12 major operations.

Jon, 41, said: “Eddy had a fantastic time. He hasn’t stopped smiling.

“Going out in the cars was brilliant and he loved meeting Robbie.

“He gave him a ball and he hasn’t let go of it.”

The family travelled up to Bury, in Manchester, where they were greeted by the former Derby County skipper before being taken out for a spin thanks to car company JamJar Direct and the Make a Wish Foundation.

And Robbie was just as pleased to meet the Derbyshire family. He said: “Eddy is such a fantastic character and a great little guy. I was really touched by his story because he is so courageous.

“When you’ve got children of your own, these things really move you and you put yourself in the parents’ shoes.

“I get so many appeals for help but this one really touched my heart.”

And the family’s trip also gave a boost to their petition to increase research into rare forms of cancer such as Eddy’s and to increase awareness of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Jon, an IT consultant, said: “Currently, most research is led by charities, and inevitably focuses on the more common cancer types, where great progress has been made.

“However, many of the less-common forms of cancers have been virtually ignored, with little or no progress being made over the last 25 years or more.

“We consider this unfair and unjust, and want our government to stop relying on smaller charities to fund and drive such research.”

The petition needs to receive more than 100,000 signatures and Robbie has now backed the campaign. He said: “The family’s efforts to raise awareness of childhood cancer are really important to me as well. I didn’t even realise September was Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

“I’ll be doing what I can as well to help get enough signatures on the petition so the issue will be discussed in Parliament. But, for now, it was just wonderful to be able to put that smile on Eddy’s face.”

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